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The ECBF president Mr. Löchter attend a meeting in the office of Federal Network Agency ( BNetzA)in Mainz-Germany.

The past January 21 the President of ECBF, Dieter Löchter, attend a special CB meeting in the offices of Federal Network Agency ( BNetzA) in Mainz-Germany. This meeting is an extraordinary meeting of Technical Group Digital Mobile Radio (TG DMR) on drafting the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) CB radio SRDoc (TR 102 626). In the also announce that results of practical testing between CB radio transmitters and DVB-TV receivers performed on Dec 22-23 in the labs of BNetzA in Kolberg near to Berlin.

The present document applies to Double Side Band (DSB) and/or Single Side Band (SSB) amplitude modulated Citizens' Band (CB) radio equipment using the available bandwidth, operating on radio frequencies within the 27 MHz CB band, with channel separation of 10 kHz, intended for voice and data transmissions. It applies to analogue and combined analogue and digital radio equipment with an internal or external antenna connector intended for the transmission of data and/or speech.

These measurements prove that only CB transmitting high power in, can make interferences at DVB-TV, a test similar for the analog TV was promoted also by the ECBF years ago. The Result of that work was the ETSI document TR 101 837 published in the year 2000, “Study on 27MHz CB radio compatibility with analogue television broadcast receiver installations”.

The ASSOCIATION EUROPÉENNE DE RADIOCOMMUNICATIONS (AER) and the ECBF was required the ETSI in the year 2007 to modify the CB European Standards in force, the EN 300 433 This requirement should modify the power levels in AM and SSB. The following ETSI members, gave full support to modify the CB Standard EN 300 433: BMWI; Ministerio de Industria (ESP); CTE International; AER; UNIDEN; ECBF; A.S.P.; Deutscher Amateur Radio Club; AFUTT; m.dudde high frequency technology. 

The majority of countries that allow the use of AM/SSB, have the FR power limited by the EN 300 433 Standard, to 1 W for AM and 4W PEP in SSB. If finally the Standard will be modify, will allow increase the output power of CB radios up 4W in AM and 12W pep in SSB and adopted by several EC countries. Today only Italy, Poland and Spain have a these high RF level.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Thomas Weber from BNetzA, The other attends people was:

  • Mr. Dieter Löchter, president of ECBF.
  • Mr. Brian Copsey, independent radiocomunications expert.
  • Mr. Wolfang Schnorrenberg from Albrecht/Alan
  • Mr. Udo Rohrsen from Stabo
  • Mr. Oscar Espallargas from President Electronics
  • Mr. Thomas Pfannebecker President of Cb-radio DCBO (ECBF member)
  • Mr. Henning Gajek , journalist CB expert

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