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    • The CB in Greece, finally liberalized

      Published the liberalization of the CB in Greece.
      CB users can enjoy the CB on equal terms with the rest of their European colleagues.

      A new victory of the joint effort between the ECBF and the CB associations of the different European countries

      CLUB TANGO ROMEO FreeBand DX Club , the new incorporation to ECBF.

      The Council of the ECBF agreed to approve the application for entry of CLUB TANGO ROMEO FreeBand DX Club as a new member of the ECBF representing Turkey. His spokesman is Mr. Abdulkadir SEKER and can contact through official address

      Brigg & District Amateur Radio Club, the new incorporation to ECBF.

      The Council of the ECBF agreed to approve the application for entry of Brigg & District Amateur Radio Club as a new member of the ECBF representing the UK. His spokesman is Mr. David Ogg and can contact through official address

      Belgium authorizes the use of CB radios AM-FM and SSB 4w and 12w pep

      Recently, the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications has authorized the use of equipment radio CB with power 4w AM-FM and 12w SSB pep. To date, the Belgian law only authorize the use of 40 channels in AM-FM, with a maximum power of 4w.
5º Rhein-Main Funkertreffen de 16.8.-18.8.2019

I hereby invite you to our 5th Rhein-Main Funkertreffen from 16 to 18 August 2019 in 64850 Schaafheim.

Arrival is possible on Friday the 16th of August from 10 o'clock (there are already participants on Thursday evening!), On Sunday the 18th of August is about 14 o'clock end of the event.

Address: TV Heim Sports Grounds in the Auewiesen (GPS: N49.92687 O 9.01029) Please follow the signs. Briefing CB channel 12 FM

The area is about 4.000m2 in size and you can build wireless and antenna installations there without restriction.
Camping with tent and / or camper is desired.
Overnight in the clubhouse is possible (with mattress and sleeping bag)
The power supply (230V) is free and showers / toilets are sufficiently available.

A "REWE" market for self-catering in about 300m away. (Open 7-22 clock)
It can be grilled on the designated places, charcoal provides the organizer.
Chilled drinks are provided on site (Coke, Fanta, Water, Apple Juice, Beer)
Breakfast service for Saturday and Sunday, for a small fee (Scrambled eggs with ham, rolls with cold cuts, coffee, etc ...)

The following events are planned (main event day is Saturday):
Funkerflohmarkt for dealers and private, no stall fee
Preliminary discussion on the "Round Table CB Radio"

Presentations / Information about:

    - Euro signal
    - Emergency radio with large emergency radio box exhibition
    - Prepper with big exhibition
    - Lightning protection for antenna systems (company "Dehn lightning protection")
    - Funkmessplatz the amateur radio IG Mannheim e.V. DM6A
    - Presentation of THW Darmstadt with its "emergency radio group"
    - Hand samples and information of the company "Alan-Electronics" about CB-radio and "Dual-Mike"

Saturday evening from about 18 clock: live music with "Chris Bagger"

On Saturday evening award ceremony for:

    - Largest participating radio group
    - Elder participants
    - Longest journey
    - Best emergency radio case (design, equipment, handling)
    - Best "radio car"

I would be very happy to welcome you to this event.
Best regards

Michael Sloboda
Head of the Hotel November DX Group and the Amateur Radio Group Mannheim e.V. DM6A

European CB Federation Member

More info: Hotel November DX Group

RIP Dieter Löchter

Dear friends, I am obliged to inform you that last Friday he died at the age of 78, our friend Dieter Loecter.

Dieter was president of the ECBF between 2006 and 2014, he was also the representative of India Fox in Germany.

Chers amis, je suis obligé de vous informer que vendredi dernier, notre ami Dieter Loecter est décédé à l'âge de 78 ans.

Dieter était président de l'ECBF entre 2006 et 2014, il était également le représentant de India Fox en Allemagne.

Benvolguts amics, em veig obligat a informar-vos que divendres passat va morir a una edat de 78 anys, el nostre amic Dieter Loecter.

Dieter va ser president de la ECBF entre els anys 2006 i 2014, també va ser el representant dels Índia Fox a Alemanya.

Apreciados amigos, me veo obligado a informaros que el pasado viernes falleció a una edad de 78 años, nuestro amigo Dieter Loecter.

Dieter fue presidente de la ECBF entre los años 2006 y 2014, también fue el representante de los India Fox en Alemania.

Oscar Espallargas.
ECBF President

Dia da cidade Tomar (Portugal)

Dear fellow friends and supporters of anarcb dx

For those who do not know or remember the world radio day is celebrated

This year we will celebrate the day of the city Tomar with a radio activity CB different from the usual, So and in this way we describe the eccentric topics to communicate via CB radio.



a) This contest has the collaboration of the Municipal Council of Tomar.

b) This contest will be held on 01-02-03-March, starting at 00h01 on March 1st and ending at 24h00 on March 03, 2018. This event will be allusive to the city's Tomar ancestor.

Let's be nice in order to avoid expenses for those who like to do CB radio

a) there will be no key stations in this answer.

b) There will be a slogan phrase alluding to this activity CB, which is as follows.


d) The stations can be contacted several times, throughout the contest, (it is optional) to hold the diploma just contact a station.

Simply put, a contact with a CB radio station is contemplated with a personalized Diploma, as long as you confirm it for the email that we indicated

  In your email you will have to indicate the date and date of contact, mentioning the station contacted, name of the operator and location.

Those who wish to receive the diploma by mail will have to indicate their address very clearly in the contact confirmation email

The diplomas will be sent via email to the participating stations, the diploma is available and can be seen on our facebook page and in the 27Mhz group of facebook

Greetings from the practice many contacts 73/51

Results for the Public Survey Band Plan for CB27MHz

The European CB Federation has finalized the collection and management of the surveys received until the date of July 31, 2017. We thank the users for the participation in the survey, as well as all the opinions and suggestions that have arrived. The results that users prefer as modulation mode the Frequency Modulation, the use of the systems of Voice for the communications with other users. The use of Digital communications has made its way and, as has been customary for many years, Channel 9 remains the preferred choice for the use of Emergency Communications.

The ECBF encourages users and the various organizations to express their opinion in the polls that they carry out and that allow to know the opinion on issues crucial for the development of the Citizen Band of the future.

The full report can be consulted and downloaded at the following link:

Thank you all

EN 301489-13. Our opposition begins to work.

A meeting of the European Communications Office (ECO) took place last year in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, where we were informed "of the record" that the CB was in grave danger.

So we transmit it (see the writings we posted on Facebook and the ECBF website) we started to make movements, but we did not believe it. Until May, the European Radiocommunication Association (EAR) informed us of the desire to delete an Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard exclusively from the CB, namely EN 301489-13.

The intention was to include the CB in another standard dedicated to the TETRA, in our view is to dilute the name CB among other services as a further step in the disappearance of the CB. Justified by the new European Radio Directive, Directive 2014/53/EU better known as RED directive. To combat this suppression, the ECBF prepared with its member associations a mass protest campaign at European level, which would begin in the coming weeks. Fortunately, it has not been necessary (for the moment ...) to start up; Nevertheless, the ECBF is prepared to initiate at any moment the necessary actions for the defense of the users of the CB.

Last week from 3 to 6 July, a regular meeting of the group responsible for EMC standards, ERM WGEMC, was held at the headquarters of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). At the meeting we attended as full members of ETSI and agreed to create a new item (NWI), dedicated to adapting the existing CB standard, EN 301489-13, to the requirements of the new directive.

This NWI will be guided by Martijn Verhoef member of the ROMEO FOXTROT DX CLUB representative of the ECBF in the Netherlands. The creation of this NWI counted on the support of the AER as well as of other industrial members ETSI.

In the photography, Mr. Oscar Espallargas, President of the ECBF (Left) and Mr. Martijn Verhoef, (Right) Delegate of the ECBF in the Netherlands and member of the RFDX Club.

Press Release of CB-lounge in Germany.

Press Release of CB-lounge in Germany. Free for publication, if a copy or a link is send to
For you epxlanation: "Bundesrat" is chamber of regions/provinces ("Bundeslaender") and the second parliament in germany, don't mix it up with "Deutscher Bundestag" which is the parliament with direct and indirect elected members of parliament (i.e. real persons)

German "Bundesrat" wants to vote against using communication electronics in the car for more security - but will reduce security.

To whom it may concern

German "Bundesrat" is planning for his next meeting on 21th of June 2017 in expressmode to set up a drastically legislation for using any kind of electronic equipment in cars during driving by the driver. Fines will start from 100 Euro to 200 Euros, up to 1 month blocking/withdrawal drivers license (you are not allowed to drive a car during this period)

See draft of Bundesrat Drucksache 424-17 from 30th May 2017 (Paper only available in Germany language). (Link below)

This will not increase but reduce security.

The intended ban was aiming against using of smartphones during driving for reading oder sending textmessages, which is very dangerous indee. But legislation would no differ between communications by CB-, Amateur or professional radio which has nothing to do with the use of smartphones.

All People using radio communications like Automobilist technical Assistance, Taxi-Drivers, public utility drivers, Security, Transport etc. but also CB- and Amateurradio would be sentenced to death, as they cannot use their radios in the future.

Companies using radio communications for secure communications , companys developing or importing or selling or maintaining Radio Communications could get into serious trouble, which could cause loose of employment and much more economical risks.

Using radio communication the user takes a microphone to his hand and speaks closed up in this microphone. Used microphones have no display, so there will no danger in not looking to the traffic, but to the display reading information. Using a radio is quite as normal as shifting gear of your car.

Truck- and Lorry-Drivers are warned successfully for dangerous spots

On German Autobahn (Autoroutes for long distance traffic) happened in the past a lot of heavy accidents, as Truck Drivers did not realize danger of "road under construction" and crashed into other waiting cars. As the must trucks are equipped with CB-Radio, a lot of Autobahn Service stations have installed automatic warning systems on CB-Radio channels, warning in various languages, like German, English, polish and other on Channel 9, 19, 28 and others with a nasty voice "Achtung Gefahrenstelle", "Attention Danger" or the equivalent in other languages.

These warning systems were made an deliverd by the company (in German language).

German Province Nordrhein-Westfalen made a poll finding 96% of polish, 74 % of Netherland und 65 % of German Trucks are equipped with CB-Radio (see: in german language)

Realisation of the legislation draft of German Bundesrat would be in practice a nearly complete ban on using Radiocommunications in cars or trucks. Proposed installing "handsfree" (VOX) units for radio communications is technically very complex, as many communication radios have no connectors for this units and the machine noise in trucks will avoid useful communications with vox operated controls.

CB- and Amateurradio are using analogue robust and stable technology. In case of break down of public internet based networks, CB- and Amateurradio could offer the one and only communication. But if the use of radio communications is more and more restricted, the users would take out their radios from their vehicles and could give up their hobby. Where no hobbyists are there, there will be no more communication.

CB-Radio is used by truck drivers for traffic information and warning of possible danger. The restriction of use will reduce security.

User, Dealers, Importers, Manufacturers went to the Politics and Public to warn of supporting this misdevelopment.

The draft of Germany Bundesrat can be found at " (germany language only, juristical, very complicate to read, if you're no native speaker)

More information and opinions to this topic (in German language)">

In case questions feel free to drop a line or give a call (English language is welckome)

Thanks for your attention.

-- 73 & 55 (Regards)

Henning Gajek

Founder of CB-Radio Plattform (Bulletinboard and Expert Congress, next one is 21th of October 2017 at Durmersheim near Karlsruhe)

Co-Founder of German CB-Radio Round Table "Runder Tisches CB-Funk"


P.O.Box 1322

D-67087 Bad Duerkheim

Phone +49 6322 99 99 99 (if voice mail please leave a message, I'll call you back)

e-mail: oder

Public Survey Band Plan for CB27MHz

The European Federation of CB invites all CB radio users to participate in a public survey to develop a Band Plan for CB, within the 40 channels that recognize the CB Majority of CB legislations in Europe.

At the following address you can see the draft Band Plan on which work is begun and will be modified when the collection of surveys is finished. In principle, it will be active some months and periodically we will publish the results that are obtaining, for the knowledge of all.

Please spread this message among your groups, clubs and associations of Banda Ciudadana. It is very important that as many users as possible participate. Thank you all for your collaboration.

Currently the survey is available in Spanish and English.

To go to the survey in Spanish language , follow this link

To go to the survey in English language , follow this link


A ANACOM aprovou, a 9 de março de 2017, a isenção de licença das estações de CB, bem como a atualização do Quadro Nacional de Atribuição de Frequências (QNAF) em conformidade. A decisão aprovada definiu os requisitos técnicos harmonizados a que o funcionamento das estações do serviço rádio pessoal - banda do cidadão (CB) deve obedecer. Assim, a partir de 11 de março de 2017, as estações de CB estão isentas de licença, nos termos e ao abrigo do disposto no artigo n.º 9, n.º 1, alínea b) do regime geral das radiocomunicações, aprovado pelo Decreto-Lei n.º 151-A/2000, de 20 de julho, na redação atualmente em vigor.


First, congratulate you on the liberalization of the Citizen Band in your country. Your effort has been rewarded and the CB in Greece can already be equated on an equal conditions with that of your neighbors. t was not logical that belonging to the same Community, the conditions of use of the CB were so discriminatory.

The ECBF, as an entity that groups and defends the users of the CB in Europe, is happy about such good news and serves as an incentive for the fight for equality and defense of the interests of all European citizens who use CB radio.

More info to web page or in the Facebook page
To contact the CB Users Association in Greece:
Access to the official document (in Greek)

CLUB TANGO ROMEO FreeBand DX Club, Official representative of the ECBF in Turkey

The European CB Federation (ECBF) announces the incorporation of CLUB TANGO ROMEO FreeBand DX Club More info to web page or in the Facebook page

Anyone interested in contacting the representative of the ECBF in Turkey, has at its disposal the email

Warning: Red lights are already flashing.

Last week, a meeting of the European Communications Committee (ECC) was held in Vilnius (Lithuania). The ECC Decision (11) 03 which recommends the free use of CB and the application of the standard EN300433 (AM-FM 4W and 12W pep SSB) has been revised.

View the document in external window

The ECBF and the AER participated in that meeting, denouncing the non-application of the Decision (11)03 in several countries member of the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT).

The most surprising thing was that some participants warned us of the "off the record", that the countdown had started to make disappear the CB 27 MHz in less than 10 years.

The first step has been to delete the record of users.

A series of groups have forced several administrations to stop: to register, to issue licenses and authorizations. Several manufacturers and importers, influenced by these groups and with the belief of increasing their sales, have supported these measures.

As a result, if before CB had little or no protection from administrations against interference from other services being in industrial scientific and medical band, now that the administrations no longer know the number of users, what will happen in the future? If the users are no longer protected, it means more QRM in the 27 MHz band.

The next step will be in five years or sooner (every five years, decisions are revised by ECC). They will start to propose other uses of the 27 MHz band (it is already happening), and as there are no users and as it is an ICM band, they can easily declare the free frequency for any kind of use. In the next revision of the ECC Decision (11) 03, the little support to CB can simply be cancelled and disappear.

How can we avoid it? It has been suggested us that only the figures can stop this process; number of users, number of CB transceivers sold and manufactured, number of accessories, etc. We must provide these figures to the CEPT in order to justify the existence of a real market.

The administrations can’t facilitate the number of users, only the federations can provide this type of information. We must provide these numbers to the CEPT.

The other numbers belong to private industry, which datas are confidential and hard to get. We should try to get this type of information to continue giving life to the CB.

The ECBF has a lot of work ahead.

Read this notice in:

french language
spanish language
idioma português
idioma català
Italian language
German language
Netherlands language
Turkish language

Please, help me for the translation and difusion in your language. Thank you

Thanks for collaboration to translate the news to these languages:

French: fr14cc13
Spain: Liga CB
Portuguese: Victor Reis.
Catalan: Jordi Centelles
Italian: Carmelo Caristo
German:Andreas Imhof
Netherlands: Jack Schuurman
Turkish: Muhammed Kocaman (Club Tango Romeo)

Please, notify to email if you can translate into other languages.

Radio activities ATCBDX and ANARCB-DX

The Associação Templários CB DX Internacional and the Associação Nacional Amadores Rádio C B DX Take will perform your usual exercise of personal radio communications, as part of celebrations of holidays to Tomar and birthday of the Association Templars CB DX International in 2016.

This exercise communications aims to participate disclose personal radio communications celebrations of the City Day and birthday of ATCB International DX.

Other CB activities will be developed in the year 2016, our 1st communications exercise held on 26-27 - February 28, 2016, the place provided for our 2016 accounting year 1 is the Watchtower Taking saw .

As always the organization will present a regulation governing the B C activity and to be published in social networks and sent to the e-mail CB users we have, as soon as possible.

Prizes will be awarded an international gathering of personal radio communications operators to be held in place yet to be appointed in July 2016. This international meeting we will be undertaken, it aims to the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of E.C.B.F.

As soon as possible to disclose further details. These communication exercises aimed at disseminating Day celebrations in the city of Tomar and E.C.B.F. anniversary

We will perform other exercises as part of the program of activities for the year 2016.

40th Anniversary of the ECBF

The European CB Federation celebrates its 40th anniversary since its founding. The ECBF is member since 1989 of ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute ( and currently 14 states are enrolled in the ECBF. Its main objectives are the defense and representation of international CB radio enthusiasts to the main governmental organizations that regulate the use of CB, working with national associations in improving the use of the CB.

Happy New Year

Dear friends, from the ECBF we wish you a Happy New Year, and above all….very good radio!!!

Oscar Espallargas

ECBF President

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear friends, from the ECBF we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and above all….very good radio!!!

Oscar Espallargas

ECBF President

Pan – Hellenic CB Club of Radio Users, Official representative of the ECBF in Greece

The European CB Federation (ECBF) announces the incorporation of the Pan – Hellenic CB Club of Radio Users More info to web page or in the Facebook page

Anyone interested in contacting the representative of the ECBF in Greece, has at its disposal the email

PrivatRadio Norge, Official representative of the ECBF in Norway

The European CB Federation (ECBF) announces the incorporation of the Association PrivatRadio Norge More info to forum page or in the Facebook page

Anyone interested in contacting the representative of the ECBF in Norway, has at its disposal the email

Romeo Foxtrot DX Club. Official representative of the ECBF in The Netherlands

The European CB Federation (ECBF) announces the incorporation of the Association Romeo Foxtrot International DX Club More info to web (multilingual) page

Anyone interested in contacting the representative of the ECB in the Netherlands, has at its disposal the email

Swedish cb radio Club Tellus. Official representative of the ECBF in Sweden

The European CB Federation (ECBF) announces the incorporation of the Swedish cb radio Club Tellus More info to web page

Anyone interested in contacting the representative of the ECB in the Netherlands, has at its disposal the email

26th Anniversary of ATCB DX IN - DX CB Radio Expedition.

The Organisation committe of the Association Templarios CB International DX decided to hold a expedition CB radio the days 27- 28-29 March to celebrate their 26th Anniversary the next April 4, 2015

Colleagues, friends and supporters of ATCB International DX let's get more effect an exercise cb radio communications on the last weekend in March 2015 when the 26th anniversary of the Association Templarios CB International DX.

The Organisation Committee of the Templars Association will undertake Awards delivery CB radio expedition held in April 2014 in the hills of Lousã Trevim.

Thus and thus are invited to attend the 26th anniversary of the Association Templars CB International DX to be held on June 4 April 2015

The Awards Ceremony will be in a the Restaurant Infante, in the center of city, after lunch of the 26th Anniversary of ATCB International DX

More info to Facebook page

Finish the 14. European CB Congress. Brussels, 16-17 July 2014.

The ECBF held July 16-17 14th Congress in Brussels. A new Board of Directors consists of the following officers were elected:

  • President Oscar Espallargas. (FCCB Catalunya)
  • 1st Vice President. Dieter Löchter. (IF Germany)
  • 2nd Vice President. Jerzy plokarz. (PL-CB Poland)
  • General Secretary: Bernard Chilloux. (Channel 9 ACO France)
  • Secretary Adjount: Franz Hernalsteens. (EB Radio. Belgium)
  • General Treasurer: Antonio M. Adalia. (Liga CB. Spain)
  • Vocal: Vicente Jareño. (FCCB Catalunya)

Among others, the following resolutions:

  • Modifying and updating the Statutes of the organization.
  • Creation of a working group to study the possible implementation of new bands for CB in VHF.
  • Urge to European governments to the European standard of free movement of equipment CB-27 applies.
  • Approval of the entry of new members in the ECBF
    French Federation for the Union of the Citizens Band. (FFUCB)
    Brigg & District Amateur Radio Club (United Kingdom)
  • Approval of the change in representation of Portugal. (Associação Templarios International DX)
  • Adoption of the Balance Sheet for the period 2010-2013

14. European CB Congress. Brussels, 16-17 July 2014.

The ECBF celebrates its 14th. European Congress of CB this July in Brussels. This conference, held every four years, will be used to, among other issues to discuss, choose a new Board, propose a reform of laws and approve the entry of new members.

For now, have confirmed their participation delegates from Belgium, Catalonia, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom. Pending the presence of delegates from Croatia, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

Recently, ECBF formalized its presence in social networks, through a Facebook page. Through this page, for now general information on activities taking place in Citizens Band in Europe, mainly included.

Link to the Facebook page

Public Petition to the European Commission against the adoption of EN 50561-1 that extraordinarily broad permitted levels for PLC devices.

DJ5IL sent an open letter to the President of the European Commission against the adoption of EN 50561-1 that extraordinarily broad maximum permitted levels for PLC devices. The European CB Federation to be officially added to the petition, as the Citizen Band is one of those affected by the use and abuse of this technology, which greatly hinders the reception in most of the frequencies are used in CB Whoever accede to this request will have to enter the link below and put your email address in paragraph DIESE UNTERZEICHNEN PETITION (Sign this petition) and then click on SENDEN (Submitted).

Link to the petition

Holiday in Spain with your CB radio? No problem.

In reply to an inquiry from the last 11th I inform you that taking into account the provisions of Article 9 of the Order ITC/4096/2006 of 28 December, approving the Regulations governing use of public radio he approves of CB-27 (BOE # 6 of January , 2007) and that both Spain and the United Kingdom applied at the time the provisions cited in the article, but from the June 24, 2011 both references are not updated if the licensed by the consulting citizen has been issued by the UK does not require authorization for the temporary use of their mobile devices and / or in Spain for a period of time not exceeding one month

Comemorações do 25º aniversário da ATCB DX Internacional.

Caros colegas, amigos e simpatizantes da ATCB DX A Direcçao da Associação Templários CB DX Internacional tem o prazer de informar todos os utentes e utilizadores da Banda do Cidadão de que recebeu hoje a confirmação de que a Federação Europeia da Banda do Cidadão irá estar presente no 25º aniversário desta instituição de cb. A E C B F presetiou-nos com a comfirmação da presensa de trez membros da Federação Europeia da Banda do Cidadão respectivamente o Sr Victor Reis, representante da Federação Europeia em Portugal, o Sr Oscar Espallargas, Assessor Técnico da Federação Europeia e Assessor Técnico da Federação Catalã e o Sr. Vicen Jereño, Secretário-Geral da Federação Catalã e Tesoureiro Geral da ECBF.

Access to press release

Slight increase in the number of CB users in Spain.

As reported the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Energy of Spain, the number of registered users in CB is 105652 . (March 2014) The number of users continues to grow, +716 more than in the previous quarter and than +1139 users in the same period last year. By provinces, Barcelona leads the standings with 5558 users, followed by Madrid and Valencia, with 4965 and 4476 users respectively.

Source: Federació Catalana de CB

Access to the statistics

The use of CB on AM and SSB are already possible in Austria.

From Monday, March 26, 2014 can be used in Austria CB equipment AM and SSB with a power of 4 and 12 watts, respectively, as is already the case in most European countries that is already allowed such use.

Frequencies Known as "ghosts " (26.995 MHz, 27.045 MHz, 27.095 MHz, 27.145 MHz, 27.195 MHz) can not be used.

Good news for CB users in Europe.

Access to the document published by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Ofcom, the communications regulator in the UK, open the consultation period for the use of the released spectrum in VHF

Ofcom Independent Authority for Communications Industries UK opens consultation period for the allocation of applications and services in the frequency range between 143 and 169 MHz

Among the possibilities , the allocation of frequencies available for the use of CB is contemplated , as is already happening in other countries such as Australia , which has to use frequencies in UHF CB plus 27 frequencies MHz (HF ) used in Europe . Malasisa , New Zealand , Indonesia and Japan are other countries that, besides HF CB , have available in VHF and UHF frequencies CB .

The European CB Federation through its Delegate in the UK, David Ogg is studying this issue and make the necessary consultations among CB members of the country , to send their proposals to Ofcom . Anyone interested in participating can contact directly with the delegate ECBF UK . The consultation period ends on May 26, 2014

At European level, the ECBF is considering request to the various European governments consider the opportunity to implement the CB VHF/UHF frequencies in addition to the current frequency 27MHz . To do this, anyone who wants to contribute ideas or proposals for work, can contact the ECBF ( where your ideas are always welcome.

Brigg&District Amateur Radio Club, the new incorporation to ECBF.

“The Brigg and District Amateur Radio Club, which actively supports all hobby radio which includes CB Radio and 446 and its use and promotion is the organisation that is backing me. I was one of the groups four founder members and am the current Chairman. The ECBF was formed back in 1976 to help all aspects of the CB radio hobby. Since the early days of CB Radio within the UK there were groups such as the Citizen’s Band Association (CBA) that back then in the early 80?s pushed the goverment to legalise CB Radio. Sadly our fine country has not had any groups internally backing us for many years. The ECBF have being a big part in pushing for a European standard and the main driving force behind the upcoming AM/SSB modes becoming legal. Many TM1 Members know of my passion towards CB Radio , I’ve been active from a young age way back in 1978. I review products under on my M0OGY Youtube channel and also conduct CB based product reviews for Radio User magazine. I am also part of the management team for a very respected 11 meter DX group within the country. I am more than happy to try and help get our voices heard on matters regarding the hobby. Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to PM me. Best Regards, Dave Ogg. ECBF Member, United Kingdom.”


The ECBF decisive in the new Standard CB 27 in the UK.

The work done by the ECBF in ETSI are yielding positive results . The new CB rule authorizes the use of AM and SSB, with a power of 4w and 12w PEP respectively in the UK from next month of July is a good example of this.

The last meeting of ETSI held last December 2013 on the German city of Mainz, with the presence of two members of the Directive Board of ECBF served to listen the views of members of the European CB before representatives of international organizations responsible for telecommunications in their respective countries , both public and private .

After two years of the publication of the new standard CB legislation, in some EU countries is still using the old standard , which only allows the use of CB in AM with 1w and 4w PEP SSB . The ECBF continue to work for the new regulations apply in all EU countries , but need the support and cooperation of all users , since it is these that the pressure on their respective governments, must get their final application.
Also from the ECBF call to different national associations and clubs of CB users in Europe to join forces and join the ECBF to get the CB continues to have a voice in the various international forums and organizations in which about their future and the laws that govern it.

The Council met in Barcelona ECBF last December , where the President of the ECBF , Mr. Dieter Löechter , and Treasurer , Mr. Vicente Jareño , informed those present of the topics covered in Mainz . Various issues of internal organization and future actions were also discussed.

For more information, please contact the ECBF through your email

Meeting of the Committee for Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM) of the European Telecommunications Standardization Institute (ETSI)

In the German city of Mainz took place the meeting of the ERM Committee of ETSI attended on behalf of the ECBF’s President, Mr. Dieter Löchter and Treasurer-General, Mr. Vicente Jareño

Michele Owen, President of the ERM Committee
and Dieter Loechter, President ECBF

The meeting of the Committee had a duration of 4 days, and the main point of interest for us, was on the second day, relative to the EEC directive on equipment of radio communications that go on placed of vehicles (emergency, police, services, amateur and services of citizen's band)

Attendees, moments before kick off meeting

The new directive requires features that are almost impossible to apply to the VHF and HF equipment. In summary this directive aims to be the radiated spurious or harmonic radiation at very low levels, a level similar to those required by the European standards for the receiver spurious radiations, which are of the order of the 4 nW, something that in the UHF equipment can be met, but that (remember that the CB is in the segment of the HF - 3 to 30 MHz-) in the HF and VHF is not possible by the weight and dimensions that would require the necessary filters.

In the course of the meeting various documents were presented to demonstrate this technical difficulty and raise awareness to the Committee of the technical impossibility of implementation of this Directive. The ECBF, along with several prestigious manufacturers and associations to consensus and presented a document that reflected those concerns, which the Committee shall study in upcoming meetings.

Another issue we follow with interest and that is studied in another parallel Commission is the Wireless Power transmission (WPT) below 30 MHz. This technology could increase the noise in our band (QRM) , just as it did in his day with PLC.

Also the meeting of the Committee served the farewell to Gabrielle Owen, leaving the chairmanship of the Committee after more than 10 years at the head of the same. Attendees sent him a joint congratulation signed by all.

The Telecommunications authorities of the United Kingdom (OFCOM) shall authorise the use of AM

On the 7th October 2013 the OFCOM published a consultation setting out proposals to authorise AM modes of operation on CB radio. In that document we proposed to allow AM/DSB and AM/SSB transmission on CB radio. Currently only frequency and phase modulated missions are permitted.Days ago the OFCOM was published the results of the consultation

Over the course of the last few years the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) has completed detailed compatibility studies (ETSI TR 102 626) on the impact of AM CB transmission on other domestic and vehicle based spectrum users. The testing did not identify any undue risk of interference and found no outstandingcompatibility or sharing issues. ETSI has developed new standards (EN 300-433-1 and 300-433-2) to harmonise the technical parameters applicable to AM on CB and these are reflected in the Decision.

Transmit power

In line with the Decision, we proposed to limit the maximum effective radiated power for AM transmission on CB radio to 4 Watts RMS for DSB modulation and 12 Watts PEP for SSB modulation.

Besides congratulating colleagues in the UK for the next modification of your standard CB, becoming consistent with most EU countries, encourage users of the countries that have not yet implemented the recommendations of the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) and continue with 1W 4W PEP in AM and SSB, to ask their telecommunications authorities, the implementation of EN 300 433 (2011-07).

The ECBF appreciates the support and collaboration of the Association Européenne Radiocommunications (AER), which since 2003 has been giving us support in ETSI.
Support that has allowed us to create two rules on broadcasting signal amplifiers EN 202 056 and EN 202 127, the Technical Report TR 102 626 compatibility between CB transmissions on AM and a wide range of communication equipment, broadcasting, TV, computers etc. .. And the modification of the EN 300433, which as a Community standard is required implementation by EU countries.

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